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Model: EDUR916DI
With frequency response from 50-18,000kHz, these super-cardioid dynamic microphones from Carol are perfect for amplifying your vocals or instrument! They also have a low/high impedance switch which means they will work well for professional live performance or with older PA/karaoke systems which use..
Model: EDUR916S
Optimized for all vocal applications, this mic specifically controls the proximity effect through its low-frequency roll-o•, making it a great choice for all performers. The E dur-916 minimizes handling noise without compromising sound quality...
Brand: Kirlin Model: 2615
Lead adaptor enabling you to convert 3.5mm jack lead to 1/4" jack connector..
Brand: Kirlin Model: MPCBK272
Delux Kirlin mic lead in 25FT lengthHigh Quality Moulded Connectors..
Kirlin Fabric Instrument Cable/ Lead 10FT Straight Connectors
New 3-5 Days
Brand: Kirlin Model: IWC201PNBK
Kirlin Woven Jacket Instrument Cable - 10ft - Black White Tweed..
Kirlin Fabric Instrument Cable/ Lead 20FT Straight Connectors
New Hot
Brand: Kirlin Model: IWC201PNBK-20FT
Kirlin Woven Jacket Instrument Cable - 20ft - Black White Tweed..
Brand: Kirlin Model: MWC280-20FT
High-Quality Woven Fabric lead Twin XLR 20FT LengthWoven Fabric, Designed for Flexibility whilst on the move..
Brand: Kirlin Model: IC241-10FT
Pro Audio Cable From KirlinMoulded Connectors and high-quality ConnectorsIdeally used as a link lead or temporary instrument cable..
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